We are a traditional male Hash, which run 7.00 pm sharp every Wednesday. Runs are from parks in the summer and halls, pubs and homes in the winter. Meals are provided by the Hare and are free to visitors, liquid nourishments are available from the D&E Refreshments trailer.


Grand Master:
Terry McArthur (Minder)
0466 975 104(M)

Other Contacts:

Run Master: Jeff Sharp (Kermit)   0458 380 938(M)
Webmaster & On Sec: Neil Morris (Kanza) 03 9459 4416 (H) 0448 346 138 (M)
Hash Scribe:

Shane Bowden(Jellybean)

  0419 512 701(M)

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Established 1976

Slow Mail: P.O. Box 298, Heidelberg,
Melbourne, VIC 3084. Australia
email: deh3@deh3.org


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