Run #2365 Monday 15/10/2018 MH3

Annual Men's only Hashes Run with Melbourne and Royal Peninsula. Zig's Factory, 3 Age Street, Cheltenham. (Click for Map)

M78 C11  
Run #2366 24/10/2018 Tight Arse

355 Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Rd, Kangaroo Ground

M23 G1
Run #2366 31/10/2018 Private Parts

17 Melrose Avenue, McLeod

M20 B7
Run #2367 07/11/2018 Non Stop/Silver

Car Park south of Studley Park Golf Course, Walmer Street, Kew. (Opposte Nolan Street)

M44 H6
  Friday 09/11/2018 Committee

D&E Gentlemen's Dinner, Carlton United Brewhouse, 24 Thompson Street, Abbotsford, The Nash & Dog Brewery. (Click for Flyer)

M2H C1  
Run #2368 12/11/2018 MH3

Melbourne Men's AGM. Eastern Lions Soccer Club, Sixth Avenue, Burwood (Click for Flyer)

M60 J8  
Run #2369 14/11/2018 Miserable

Eltham Lower Park, Main Road, Eltham

M21 G10
Run #2370 21/11/2018 Jimmy Who/Minder

Run #2371 28/11/2018 Major Sleeze

Run #2372 05/12/2018 Radar

Run #2373 12/12/2018 Jelly Bean